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Customer engagement with SMS services solutions from API
26-09-19 (23:55)

In this competitive world, it is very important to stand out among others to be successful. The same is true for the business world where communication with the customers is the priority. Providing customer service is very crucial for the business. In case of any technical issues and urgent questions, customer needs quick resolutions. If they don’t get expected solutions then consumers start looking for other solutions. However, helpful customer services boost their loyalty. According to a study, customers satisfied with good service from a business refer to other people as well. Therefore, more companies are investing in a solution that helps in building effective customer services.

Apifonica offers voice, SMS and other solutions to build a good relationship with clients. SMS is an engaging method for providing a higher level of customer services and beating competitors. In the given section, we will discuss how powerful SMS messaging is for business.

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How powerful an SMS service is for business?

Around 4 billion users use SMS services including 90 percent of those who read the messages as soon as they receive it. This makes an instant engagement with the clients. However, there is a 20 percent increase in the email response after delivery. It has thus made SMS an incredible and flexible platform for business owners. It allows you to customize your messages and send them to the specific address of the key groups or individuals on the subscriber list. The bonus point is that they don’t have to have a data plan to receive the messages.

the messages.

How it improves customer service?

A direct form of connecting to the clients makes them more accessible for your business. It also lets you create more data related to your services. Here is how you can start it.

Customer satisfaction feedback

Any end users with a bad experience will likely to complain about it. To solve this issue, their satisfaction feedback is good. You can opt for SMS polls and take feedback of the individual client. Anonymous feedback helps them give honest opinions that will improve the customer service experience.

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Customers talk

Open communication where clients can easily tell about their problems helps the business to improve quickly. However, more than 78 percent of clients prefer text services rather phone call to share their issues. This approach makes communication convenient and effective for not only for businesses but also consumers.


End Users appreciate meeting alerts, daily schedules reminders via SMS. Around 75 percent of millennial prefer SMS alerts than traditional alert methods. As a result, high numbers of clients come on scheduled appointments. This helps to build a positive impression on consumers.

Easy information updates

Personal information update becomes easy via SMS services. This ensures easily update of name, address and phone numbers of the clients. Moreover, a business can provide helpful customer services.

Password resets

SMS services are useful to secure password resets. It includes verification of the user’s account easily. Follow an industry standard that is the use of OTPs. One time pass codes are a secure, reliable and quick way to reset passwords.

Apifonica helps in applying these solutions via SMS services for better customer engagement. It offers an API that is easy-to-integrate clients and keeps their information personalized. It ensures two-way communication via SMS services promptly and offers automated message service.

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Advantages of API for business

A common question is sure to arise among businesses is how the API will meet our needs. Are they reasonable and can be easily integrated with existing systems?

API as the name suggests Application programming interface allows the communication between two different platforms. A smartphone app is a common example of APIs. The uses of API in contact center include the combination of sales and service information at a single platform. It also introduces the easy sharing of valuable call data and gamification initiatives. It connects various departments of business so that they can share statistics, information and big data. This helps them in making necessary improvements.

An open framework API of apifonica ensures rich customer interaction, sharing of customer insights within resources to store their data.

Contact centers can use API with interaction analytics software. It offers benefits that are as follows:

Data usage

You can easily send the essential data collected by the software and export it to the other software where it is needed. For example, collect data from CRM software and send it to the data visualization tools. It will help you understand the characteristics of consumers, their wants and needs.

Unique insights timing                                       

Failing to manage the data resource integration with disparate systems will have both cause and effect. Therefore, with apifonica’s API, you can easily combine sales reports with interaction detail. This type of integration helps in making a dynamic analysis which you can merge with other information that was dissociated during the time of making interaction.

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Feedback verification

Customer is always right; NO, survey feedback doesn’t give positive feedback all the time. This is essential to know whether a contact center agent tried his best to manage the expectations of the consumers. For example- combining the survey reports with the interaction information where consumers have provided negative feedback. You might get results where the agent has tried his best to resolve the consumer’s issues but still the feedback is negative.

Data collection from mobile apps

Communication with clients using a mobile app is convenient and you can use the data collected from that to combine with the database. This way you can identify why your customers choose the app and how they experience using it. It will let you make adjustments to improve their experience.

Keep needed information

Apifonica API helps you collect valuable information you need and eliminate the collection of non-important information. This will help managers to analyze and review the information collected.

Automatic request for information

API offers a valuable benefit that is the automatic capture of the information. It means you can share, deliver or capture information whenever you need.

Apifonica has every tool and solution for engaging your customer without purchasing hardware as you can integrate it with your existing solutions.

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