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Can You See Private Instagram Profiles Without Following Them?
26-09-19 (23:59)

You would be surprised that almost a quarter of the U.S. population uses Instagram. That’s more than 80 million people, not to mention the millions more from other countries in the world. That makes Instagram the 3rd largest social media platform, only behind Facebook and Youtube, if we count the mega-famous video-sharing platform. As a matter of fact, Instagram even beats Twitter just by a fraction, a fraction of around 5 million users.

So naturally, that makes Instagram very popular and very important to people. The platform can be used to make a living, with the main “career” being Instagram modeling.

But will all that said, we’re here to answer the age-old question “Can you see private Instagram profiles without following them?” To find out the answer, stick around a little longer.

How to Make Your Account Private?

Source: newsfeed

Before we begin, lets touch on how you can actually make your account private. A private account doesn’t allow people who don’t follow you to view your content. That means they can’t view your images and information. There are lots of benefits to keeping a private Instagram account – One of the most obvious ones being to fend off creeps. To make your account private, simply open your profile and navigate to the top right corner and press the settings button. Once inside the settings menu, you’ll see a long list of settings. What you need to do here is navigate to the bottom of the list where it says “Private Account”. To finish the steps simply presses the little circle switch and you have just made your Instagram account private.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles without Following?

Source: instaprivateviewer

So, you need to see someone’s profile without following them, is there a way to do it? Of course, there is, as with anything in the world, but patience is required. The legitimate way would be to simply follow it, but we won’t do that and we will explore other options.

One of the most popular ways would be to use an Instagram viewer site that acts as a medium to view a locked profile. There are dozens if not hundreds of these websites, but beware as some can be suspicious. One of the most secure and widely used is a service called InstaPrivateViewer. InstaPrivateViewer works very simply, and all you have to do simply access the search engine and enter the desired user handle, for example, @username.

Other Ways to View a Private Account

Source: Getty Images

We discussed one way to do it, but there is certainly more than one. Another way that you can view private profiles is to create a fake account and follow the person. Although, it’s debatable whether or not the user will accept you, it’s certainly a way.

However, Instagram is against creating fake profiles because it is a major violation of their terms of service. One of the reasons for this is the risk of identity theft. But you can do it none the less, and here are some tips on how to create the perfect fake account.

Create a female account and select a female profile picture. Females are more likely to get accepted by both genders than males.

Add real photos, preferably free or stock images, and turn your account private. Turning it private greatly increases your chances of being accepted.

If the person still doesn’t approve your requires, send a DM explaining that you would like to follow him/her for X reasons.

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